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About Us

Read about TangoChutney, and the people who make magic happen for food ventures


Our tagline says it all - Empowering food ventures! 

Have you ever thought why most food retail businesses fail to grow, or close completely? Simple. This business is much more and beyond just preparing and serving great food.

We are TangoChutney India Limited. Utilizing our team's cumulative work experiences, we have put together growth models for small and hyper-local food brands. We handhold these brands, strengthen their branding, and help to create new business avenues for them.

TangoChutney gives these brands the confidence to know that they are offered real-world tested knowledge and applications, and not just a best guess.

We offer food entrepreneurs logical, realistic and 360° solutions to grow their business.

TangoChutney is an idea developed by its three founders, Suchismita, Jai, and Sabyasachi.
Read on for more information about the core team, or send an email to

Team TangoChutney

Suchismita Banerjee worked for multinational and Indian companies since 1996, before becoming an independent consultant in 2012.
Suchi partners corporations, SMEs, start-ups, and individuals, for various business processes including marketing, branding, sales and account management, logistics, customer service, and training.

Jai Sethi has spent over 15 years as a management strategy consultant and implementing internal control systems in different organizations.
His forte is helping companies build strong internal controls, and conducting forensic audits. Jai has also written a book, "Accounting and Business Decisions", and is working on another one "Rules to Rule in Business".

Sabyasachi Banerjee joined the corporate world in late 1989, in a career across multiple industry verticals, including food services, processed foods, packaging, and information services.
Sabya is an experienced team leader and strategist,  with close to 30 years experience in different operational, marketing and leadership roles. 

Ishita Ahirwal

An avid blogger and photographer, Ishita works with us on designing events and branding. Credits for most of the pictures used on this website go to her.

Bhawna Jain Wahal

Bhawna, a fashion designer and image consultant, advises us on design and creatives. She's also consulting us on the attire for our front line staff members.

Rachna Sethi Gera

A dietary consultant and physiotherapist by profession, Rachna is an ardent supporter of this company, and also advises us about health foods.

Ravi Manhass

Ravi, a seasoned logistics professional, is our advisor for product design, process management and operations. 

TangoChutney India Limited is a registered company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 in the Indian state of Delhi, vide Corporate Identity Number U55209DL2017PLC317797.


C-71, 2nd Floor, Vikaspuri
New Delhi (India) 110018


Phone: +91 98737 50100; 95996 20150
+91 95400 03547