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Food Events

TangoChutney organises events designed around food. 
Giving brands and their customers an opportunity to connect. Face-to-face.


People do business with other people. Not brands, or a logo! 

Our interactive events give small brands and home chefs a platform to showcase their specialities. Interact and connect with people at these events, and receive instant feedback.

These events also allow people to try new foods that may not be easily available elsewhere. 

TangoChutney also helps you team up with another complementing brand, or home chef, to complement your food and help you reach a new audience.

These events are a great way to get an idea of what people like, or which of your items sells the most. And with a limited audience, you get to interact with people who share a common food interest.

Such events are a relatively inexpensive way to find out what a larger group of people think of your products. Of course, there is no risk of a high investment; you only pay enough to cover rental and utilities for the space. 


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